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What we’re about

DIY Pest Supplies was founded in 2020, so yes, we are definitely the new kids on the block. But being new just means that we have to try even harder to both win and retain your custom. To do this we promise to bring you the very best products and unrivalled service support. 

We have already researched the most effective treatments for a number of different pest problems and will continue to bring you others as we conclude our testing. Then to help you achieve the best results, we have bundled some of these products into all-in-one packs.

Together with the ‘how to’ guides we can offer our customers email and phone support which will come from one of our certified pest control professionals (most likely David himself).

To help us get better and better we would really appreciate your feedback either by email, a website comment (you’ll need a log-in for this) or through a Google review.

And who we are

Meet David …

Photo: David

David Rees

The boyish face of our founder, who has to wear a cap to keep his unruly hair in place. David has been in pest control for over 7 years and, as well as hands-on experience, has more professional qualifications than you can shake a stick at..

… and his team.

Photo: Nigel

Nigel Lloyd
Chief Consultant

The ‘I’ve done the hard yards’ face of our consultant and chief product tester. With over 30 years in the game, Nigel brings with him a huge wealth of practical know-how.
Photo: Jo

Joanna Lloyd
Sales and logistics

And the friendly, smiling face of Jo who runs our sales and logistics. And yes, Nigel is Jo’s dad.
Photo: Gareth

Gareth Rees

The all too serious face of someone who has spent a career in IT and just can’t leave computers alone. He’s the one to contact if you have any issues or suggestions with the website. This really is a family affair.
Photo: Rodney & Margo

Rodney & Margot

If we ever need a happy face to talk to after a long day. There are no two better faces to take those stresses away.
still Got pest problems?

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