Rather than selling individual products, our philosophy is to supply handy ‘all-in-one’ packs. These, along with our ‘how-to’ guide, provide everything you need to successfully deal with your carpet beetle infestation.

And with over 40 years in the pest control industry we know what works. Our Digrain Insecticlear is based on two naturally occurring insecticides found in plants: Pyrethrum is made directly from plants while Cypermethrin is a synthesised organic compound. The latter, in particular, is ideal for household applications as it will remain effective for a number of weeks.

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A fair deal: we give you 10% discount and you give us a review on Google. Apply REVIEW10 at checkout.

A fair deal: we give you 10% discount and you give us a review on Google. Apply REVIEW10 at checkout.

Carpet Beetle Treatment

To successfully treat a carpet beetle infestation, it is essential that you spray insecticide over all natural fibres in the infected room, and a heavy infestation may require more than one treatment. We would therefore recommend purchasing our all-in-one 5L all-in-one Complete Treatment Pack.



Pack Includes:

2 x Digrain Insectaclear (1L)

1 x P1 mask

1 x Disposable gloves


Pack Includes:

1 x Digrain Insectaclear (5L)

1 x Multi-purpose pressure sprayer (5L)

1 x P1 mask

1 x Disposable gloves


1x 5L pressure sprayer

A highly durable sprayer ideal for use with Incestaclear insecticide


1x Digrain Insectaclear (1L)


1x Digrain Insectaclear (5L)

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You’ll likely need a little help and guidance with treating carpet beetles, in which case click on the button bellow to follow our ‘how to’ treatment guide. You could also start by reading our BLOG post onTextile Pests’

How To Guide

Alternatively, this quick 5 step process will give you an overview of what is needed to successfully treat a carpet beetle infestation.

5 Step Process

  1. Remove all clothes, rugs and curtains made of natural fibres from the affected rooms. Vacuum thoroughly, focusing on any areas damaged by larvae.
  2. Spray the entire carpet with insecticide, starting from the furthest point away from the door and working backwards. Also, spray any rugs or curtains that could not be removed.
  3. Once you have finished spraying, keep out of the room for a minimum of 2 hours or until the surfaces are completely dry.
  4. Leave the insecticide for 7 days and vacuum thoroughly for 3 days. 
  5. If you see any beetles after this 10-day period you will need to repeat the treatment. A heavy infestation may require more than one treatment before being fully eradicated.

However, before treating a room please do read the full ‘how to’ guide which also includes important safety advice.

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